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Erin Sarris

Erin M. Sarris, Founder & Creative Director

Spun Copy & Creative is a Las Vegas-based communication firm that leverages the expertise and experience of Erin M. Sarris, an editor, consultant and copywriter with an eye for a compelling story.

Her polished and creative approach to writing has contributed to her successes at various Web and print publications and companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to start-ups. Erin has written for publications of The Chicago Tribune, RedEye and Metromix.com, as well as The Washington Post’s Retirement Living, TV Guide, Washington Spaces, Columbus Valley Parent and The Peoria Journal Star. She has had numerous pieces published on The Associated Press in newspapers around the country, and has worked with clients in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Erin has established a strong and respected reputation as a creative copywriter, polished editor, reliable freelancer, precise technical writer and adaptive speechwriter. She graduated from Bradley University with a bachelor of science in political science and communication, and from Columbus State University with a master’s degree in business administration. She is also a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance.

In 2010, Erin began thinking about starting her own business and serving her clients with unmatched quality, resourcefulness and fun. And then, her ponderings were interrupted by the sound of opportunity knocking. So she answered it, and here we are.