Services | Spun Copy

Every business or publication is different. And so is every audience. But one thing is the same: the language you use to position yourself will have an immediate and lasting impact on your image, and ultimately, your success.

Our editorial services include:

EDITING: Sweeping generalizations usually aren’t our thing, but we feel very confident about this one: everyone likes a good story and nobody likes jargon. We can help you make sense of your products and services by reviewing content using a fresh, objective set of eyes. And if your mother couldn’t understand it, your customers probably can’t either.

PROOFREADING: Errors, misspellings, typos, mislabelings, subject-verb disagreement – we’ve seen it all. Slightly different from our editing option, when proofreading we don’t tamper with word choices or marginally incorrect punctuation (such as semicolons in a simple series) unless you request us to. If your piece has been through lengthy, labor-intensive editing and changed hands several times throughout the process, you may have reformatting issues or other inconsistencies. We can serve as the fresh perspective you need.

AD COPYWRITING: Think of your advertisement as speed dating. You only have a few seconds to make a connection, and you have to make it fast. But just being quick and simple isn’t good enough either – it must be creative, bold and thought-provoking in order to capture your readers’ attention. Whether your advertisement is in a print, billboard or online format, we’ll gather all the necessary information and report back with several creative concepts for your advertisement before you decide on a final strategy.

BRAND JOURNALISM AND FEATURES WRITING: Journalistic writing – good old fashioned storytelling – is our first love and one of our strongest offerings. If you’re a business, it may mean you’re in search of brand journalism – possibly an advertorial piece, copy for a brochure, or a script and concept for the next big viral video on YouTube. If you’re a magazine or newspaper, you’re probably interested in seeing clips from our past work. Whatever the case, just ask.

TECHNICAL WRITING: Like we said, nobody likes jargon. Technical writing requires a sharp and thorough understanding of your unique business with a constant awareness of when you may be drifting into the land of the esoteric. We have a long history of working with very technical industries and can help you communicate your value to customers in a way that resonates with them on a personal level.

GHOSTWRITING: From speeches to client letters to presentations, sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth to devote to drafting a custom communication piece from scratch. We can analyze past communication pieces to determine patterns of speech, identify your distinct voice and incorporate key messages to new projects. Our goal is to emulate your style of communication to help you engage your audience and stay on message.

WEB CONTENT: If the content on your site doesn’t resonate with readers, it doesn’t matter how “optimized” it is (but we can help with that too). Our Web copy will showcase your expertise and address your audience’s business needs in a concise, snappy, Web-friendly format.

CONSULTING: Otherwise known as our “all of the above” option where we write, edit, critique, rinse and repeat. Our editorial consulting services involve custom planning and ideas for individuals or businesses producing written or electronic materials. This can range from a one-time written evaluation to an ongoing relationship that guides development of a larger project. You can dream it, and we can help you execute it.